Lacto 5 90's

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Lacto 5 90's
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To replenish beneficial bacteria after a course of  antibiotic:

  • Prevent travellers diarrhoea
  • Gastritis
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Five reasons why you should choose LACTO-5TM

1. Effective Probiotic Strains – Locally cultured beneficial bacteria – better adaptation to Malaysian contain 5 locally cultured strains.

2. High Potency – LACTO-5TM probiotics contains 10 Billion beneficial microorganisms per capsule at time of manufacture.

3. Clinically proven effective for Malaysian - Specially formulated by local medical microbiologist. A clinical paper on this winning probiotics formula has appeared in the Medical Journal of Malaysia, vol 58, Supplement D Aug 2003 and currently it is the leading formula tested and proven by doctors and physicians in Malaysian hospitals to be effective on Malaysian patients.

4. Refrigeration not required – convenient for travellers.

5. VcapsTM Vcaps capsules are manufactured in a GMP facility that meets ISO 9000 certification criteria. This capsule of plant origin meets the strict dietary needs of customers those who practise Kosher lifestyles.
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