Pureen Nappy Rash

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Pureen Nappy Rash
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  • A gentle antiseptic cream that fights germs effectively.
  • Creates a protective shield that minimize contact between baby's skin and impurities (ie. germs and bacterias in baby's stool and urine).
  • Suitable for prevention and treatment of nappy rash, nappy redness, heat or dribble rashes in infants.
  • Relief symptoms of atopic or infantile eczema.

50 g.

How do I know if my child suffers from nappy rash?
  • Simple! By the location of rash which appears as reddish skin under or around the nappy area.

What happens if nappy rash is not treated immediately?
  • The rash will spread and may result in the following complications requiring medical attention. Appearance of scaly skin blisters or ulcer around the nappy area.
  • A high temperature when rash becomes infected with bacteria or fungi.
  • In boys, the penis becomes swollen and red.

How can I prevent my baby from having nappy rash?
  • The secret is …. you have to ensure constant dry skin and good air ventilation at the nappy area. Therefore, before there are any signs of nappy rash or once you detect signs of nappy rash, you should practice the SIMPLE ROUTINE:

  • Change the nappy once it becomes wet or soiled.
  • Wash and dry baby’s bottom thoroughly. When possible, air-dry the nappy area.
  • Apply Pureen nappy rash cream to baby’s bottom.
  • Allow 1-2 minutes for Pureen nappy rash cream to dry before putting on a new nappy.

Why you should use Pureen Nappy Rash Cream?
Pureen Nappy Rash Cream prevents and treats nappy rash in three ways:

  • gentle but effective antiseptics to eliminate bacteria that causes nappy rash whilst preventing possible secondary infections.
  • Zinc Oxide to form a protective barrier on your baby’s skin to protect the skin against moisture and chemical irritants from your baby’s waste materials.
  • The thick texture allows the cream to stay longer on your baby’s skin to provide effective treatment and long lasting protection against nappy rash particularly at bedtime.
  • Giving your baby’s delicate skin protection.

Besides treatment and prevention of nappy rash, what other indication can Pureen Nappy Rash Cream be used for?
  • Pureen Nappy Rash Cream can also be used for treatment and prevention of heat rash and milk rash.
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