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EziBreathe is a specially formulated sinusitis and allergic rhinitis treatments. It helps to relieve symptoms of allergic rhinitis, acute and chronic sinusitis and asthma, support for healthy immune response and healthy respiratory flow.

Suitable for all ages, including infants as young as 1 years old, EziBreathe allergic rhinitis and sinusitis treatment does not cause any long term side effect; therefore it is perfectly safe, non-toxic and non-addictive. Private laboratory tests have been conducted to prove that EZiBreathe does not contain any toxins which are harmful to cells and organs.

Contents of Ezibreathe  
It is a natural allergic rhinitis and sinusitis treatment composition with minimal dosage that comprises of 4 types of natural micro minerals i.e Natrium Muriaticum (Chloride of Sodium), Kalium Muriaticum (Chloride of Potassium), Kalium Sulphuricum (Potassium Sulphate) and Ferrum Phosphoricum (Phosphate of Iron), has been scientifically recognized and provides amazing health benefits in the following ways:-
  • Stops itching and tickling within the nostrils, ears, eyes and palate.
  • Stops sneezing
  • Decreases any swelling
  • Clears your post nasal drip and running nose
  • Prevents secondary infections of nasal passages and sinuses
  • Prevents mouth-breathing
  • Prevents asthma attacks
The advantages of EZiBreathe if compared with other allergic rhinitis and sinus treatment products in the market are:-

Modern Medicines or Herbal Products Ezibreathe's Advantage
Side effects are evident. No known side effects. Formulated 100% from natural micro minerals ingredients.
Most products are unsuitable for infants, children, pregnant or nursing women and those with chronic illnesses. Safe to be consumed by all ages including children 1 year and above, pregnant or nursing women and those with chronic illnesses.
Hard for children to consume due to unpleasant taste and difficult to swallow by most people if in herbal capsule form. In small tablet form. Sweet and can be sucked on, chewed or added into milk. Suitable for all ages including children.
Dietary rules apply when consuming herbal products. Able to continue with regular diet.

Ezibreathe is manufactured in Malaysia under the strict guidelines of the Ministry of Health (MOH), National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau (NPCB), conforms to Good Manufacturing Practises (GMP) and is issued with a 'Halal' Certificate from Halal Development Corporation (HDC or formerly known as JAKIM).

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