Franch Oil 120ml

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Franch Oil 120ml
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Tradition of Herbal Medicines

Man's relationship with traditional herbal medicines dates back to more than 5,000 years. Herbal treatments today are fast gaining popularity and acceptance as they pose lesser side effects and are easily administered.

Franch Oil is a must in every home

In our homes many situations will warrant the use of emergency aid. Children may get bruises when playing. Careless kitchen accidents such as burns, scalding or cuts may occur. Sometimes active family members are bound to suffer sprains or muscular aches due to one reason or other. Maybe it's the older family members who may be suffering from knee or back pains. Whatever the situation, Franch Oil NH* is the effective treatment for these and many other ailments and that's why if you in-charge of your family's health you must have one at home.

What is Franch Oil NH*

The herbal ingredients in Franch Oil NH* are traditionally formulated but are manufactured using advanced modern technologies which delivers an effective, easy-to-use medicine for our everyday healthcare. Using an advance extraction technology known as "COLD PRESSED EXTRACTION", it preserves the medicinal properties of the herbs which promote effective natural healing. Franch OIL NH* is a combination of cold pressed extraction of Ricinus Cummunis Linn seeds and root, and the extraction of Ocimum Sanctum. Ricinus Cummins Linn (Euphorbiaceae).

Common uses of Franch Oil NH*

Franch Oil NH* is known to treat a variety of ailments, some of which are as follows:-

    * Cracked Heel and Chapped Hands
    * Athlete foot and corns
    * Minor burns, cuts and wounds.
    * Mosquito and insect bites
    * External ulcers, bed sores and fissures
    * Sanitary Rashes
    * Menstrual Pains
    * Sprains and joint pains
    * Constipation
    * Muscular and Body Pains
    * Remove pregnancy stretch marks
    * Scaly dry skin and dermatitis
    * Skin itches and irritation
    * Pimples and black spots
    * Reduce hair fall

Application Method

When you apply Franch Oil NH* clean the area, preferably with lukewarm water and then apply the required amount onto the effected area. For muscle and joint pains massage gently. A hot water bag is recommended after application of the oil, to sooth and for fast relief of muscle or joint aches. For constipation apply generously on the stomach area and massage gently. If you want to use Franch Oil NH* to reduce hair fall, dilute it with coconut oil in a proportion of 1:1 for easy application.
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