Revicon Forte

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Revicon Forte
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Informasi Produk

Revicon Forte Tablet is a nutritional supplement that provides essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids to maintain general good health. It protects against nutrient deficiencies during illness and other stressful conditions.

What is Revicon Forte Tablet for?

  • It is a complete vitamin/mineral supplement that gives the following benefits:
  • * Promotes general good health
  • * Helps in the formation of healthy red blood cells
  • * Has Iron, B6, B12 and copper to prevent anemia
  • * Improves mental and physical well-being
  • * Includes Lysine and Menthionine for muscle tissue building
  • * Fights fatigue
  • * Improves stamina during stressful physical activities

Packing :-

1 x 120's
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